Online Side-Jobs Can Generate Extra Income

Stay-at-home work is becoming increasingly popular for single parents, frequent-travelers, and just those who have seemed to spread themselves too thin. Luckily, there are a variety of new online jobs that con be completed at your own pace online, that are warranting increasing demand.

Here are just a few of the quickly growing stay-at-home online jobs that could either bring some extra side cash, or become a full-time job.

1. Filling Out Surveys: Many successful companies spend millions of dollars creating and analyzing customer survey data, and you can get paid some decent money for filling out a series of these surveys.

2. Social Media Promoter: The importance of having a social media presence for any business now is imperative. Many companies outsource their social media management to work-from-home-online candidates; but be warned that this job requires a bit more than just posting pictures on Facebook.

3. YouTube Uploader: Video is a big deal right now, and there is some money to be made in this industry. If you are a skilled videographer, posting videos that generate high viewer ratings can produce income. 

4. Ebay Seller: Everyone has old, barely used products in their house that never get any attention anymore, and are simply taking up extra space within the home. By selling your own unused items, you are cleaning out your home, recycling, and making money all at the same time!

5. Article Writer: Websites all over the internet are in need of more content in the form of articles, and many companies will hire freelance writers to write these articles for their websites in exchange for pay. These articles can be written from home, making it a prime job for frequent travelers. 

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