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 Moms challenged by the task of raising kids while maintaining a budget can make a real difference in the bank account with a bit of advance planning and creativity.

Take Charge America is a national non-profit credit counseling agency based in Phoenix, Arizona that is dedicated to helping consumers nationwide manage their personal finances and debts in order to improve their financial futures. One thing that can change anyone's financial future is having children, which comes along with a host of unavoidable, but necessary expenses. A big part of Take Charge America's financial advice centers on giving parents advice on what some of the best practices for raising children while still maintaining a budget might be. This is especially pertinent to all moms, since they are usually the designated caretakers of any children in the home, and especially single moms and brand new moms, who can often be very challenged by the task of raising kids on a budget.

As Take Charge America recently pointed out in an advisory press release, while many of the costs of raising children are unavoidable, a savvy mom can make a big difference in her bank account status with a bit of planning and creativity. Take Charge America advise moms to carefully examine what their children really need compared to what they might want because so many of the products and services for kids are marketed as essential needs, but closer examination might reveal they are not. The non-profit organization advises moms to be cautious and stick to those things that are truly essential for raising healthy and happy kids.

Take Charge America's money-saving tips for moms include creating a new household budget plan that addresses the categories of health care, child care, daily children's needs, essential gear for moms, and any children's transportation needs too. Since many will get maternity leave from their jobs, brand new moms are advised to try and build a savings buffer to cover living expenses as early as possible to ease the potential financial burdens of maternity leave. When it comes to purchasing infant essentials like bottles and formula, the organizations advises moms not to buy too many items of the same brand until you are sure your baby likes them

Many infant-related products may be essential items, but you don't always have to purchase the luxury brand versions, as many of the lower-price brand versions of the same products are just as good and your very young children will not know the difference between a generic brand and the top-of-the-line version of the same thing. This applies to foods, apparel, furniture and toys too. Take Charge America's advice in all of these areas is for moms to try to purchase child necessities that can have multiple uses, like a crib that can convert into a bed. The organization also recommends buying used children's items when it comes to toys and furniture they will obviously quickly outgrow. Moms are also advised to buy brand new items when it comes to gear related to safety and health like car seats and breast pumps.

Children's gear from dependable, lower-priced brands are a good way to save money, and stocking up on those items when they are on sale can help too. Moms can also save significant amounts of cash by signing up for any manufacturer's samples and coupons that might be available: Many brands will offer moms very generous samples and money-saving coupons once you get on their email and 'regular mail' lists. A bit of advance planning and creativity can go a long way when it comes to moms raising children on a budget.

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